WELL Discipleships

by Mandy Terasawa

When I was first approached to consider praying about being in a WELL Discipleship group, my first thoughts were “what does this group entail?” and “how much of a time commitment would be involved?” I was already a busy mom who had to chauffeur three children to their countless activities.  On top of this, I was a teacher for Alhambra School District and had a father at Keiro Nursing Home whom I visited regularly.  This discipleship group met once a week for 3 hours in the evening for a 10-month season and because I have a daughter with special needs and a seizure disorder, it was difficult for me to attend evening functions. As I brought the WELL Discipleship to the Lord in prayer, He opened the door for me to attend as my son volunteered to stay home with my daughter every Wednesday evening so I could participate in the WELL. 

As I began attending the WELL, God soon revealed to me that this discipleship group was exactly what I needed at this time in my life.  The WELL was a place where I could be transparent and real, knowing that I would not be judged.  Instead my sisters in Christ would lift me up in prayer keeping everything confidential.  We also did book studies that emphasized how our relationship with the Lord impacts every aspect of our lives whether it be family life, relationships, career, ministry, etc.  As a result, a major focus of the WELL involved the discipline of solitude and silence.  This requires throwing aside the “to-do list” and just sitting in silence with the Lord.  That’s right!  Not saying anything nor doing anything – just being with the Lord.  Doing solitude regularly has helped me grow in my walk with the Holy Spirit. The WELL Discipleship ministry is based on the passage John 4:4-42, which is the story of the Samaritan woman who had a miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ at a well.  This amazing meeting transformed her life, and she became an agent of change for an entire town.  My hope and prayer is that many “thirsty and weary” women would have a chance to receive all that Jesus has for them by participating in the WELL Discipleship Ministry.  

Evergreen SGV