Serving as a Church School "Teacher"

By Terri Wong

Have you ever wanted to go back in time to your childhood, or to an earlier part of your life? Every Sunday I am blessed to go back to 3rd and 4th grade! When God called me to serve in the Church School ministry, I expected to just teach. While I may be serving as a Church School “Teacher” – the ministry encompasses much more. I get to go, teach, help, observe, fellowship and learn each Sunday morning.

Right after the 8am service, I eagerly go to the Church School classroom, with a grateful heart for the opportunity to serve God. I am blessed by each student that walks through the doors of the classroom, so thank you parents for bringing your children to Church School.

I get to teach the students truths and lessons from the Word of God. It is a joy to share the gospel message of salvation and a blessing to freely share about God’s love!

When I am not lead teaching, I love to help in the classroom. I enjoy listening to Bible verses, praying for the children, getting to know them and encouraging them to do their best for the Lord.

In the classroom, I also observe the interactions amongst the students, their different personalities and how God has gifted each one with talents and abilities. I observe the shy and quieter 3rd graders and witness them grow in their faith, until they promote from 4th to 5th grade, after two years in our department. I observe the helpful students and prayer warriors, with much hope for our next generation of Evergreeners. J

I serve alongside other teachers and am privileged to call them my fellow servants, as well as dear friends in Christ. We get to fellowship with one another, pray with/for each other and share joys, cares, and concerns.

Finally, the Holy Spirit continues to teach me and I learn more about God and His character each week in Church School. I love being able to go, teach, help, observe, fellowship and learn. It is such an awesome privilege and blessing serving God as a Church School Teacher! 

Kay Carey