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The Succession Story (Epilogue) – The Transition Theme

Allow me to begin where I left off in my last blog about the Succession Story. God has been enormously good to our church family.

As I shared in the first blog regarding a succession plan, there are three distinct advantages to succession. First, there is the comfort of a settled succession. Secondly, there is the reassurance of a God-initiated succession. And, finally, there are tangible benefits of an overlapping transition.

We are currently developing the basics for a transition plan. There will be different components to the plan. Some of the components will be family settlement, congregational preparation, relationship building, skill development, theological acquisition, vision assessment and expansion.

As for me, God has given me guidance very early in the process of succession. The Lord directed me to the transition between John the Baptist and Jesus. John the Baptist said in John 3:30 when asked about Jesus, "He must increase, but I must decrease.” That is to be the theme of the transition for me. In the process of transition, God’s chosen Senior Pastor must increase and I must decrease.

What does that look like? Stay tuned and we will learn together.

Two final notes…

The question that is asked of me the most is about the date of my retirement, when the transition ends and a new beginning commences. My soft retirement date is May 1, 2020. I believe we will know much more clearly as the date draws near.

The second most asked question is what I am going to do after I retire. I know that I will need to leave my beloved church family for a season while Rocky gets established as God’s chosen senior leader. My heart’s desire is to continue serving the Lord in some way as He leads. I don’t plan to play golf every day.

One of the exciting things about all that is going on is the fact that the Lord knows what needs to happen and if we plan faithfully and trust in Him, His plans will be established and we will all rejoice at the outcome.

Like everything else, it is going to be a faith journey in which everyone will have a role.

Something to think about…